Chris Baker

Chris Baker started doing stand-up comedy in 2009 when he entered an open-mic competition which he won despite having been stung by a wasp that very same day. He knew then that he would never reach such dizzying heights again but carried on anyway.

After 2 years of gigging in London and making steady progress he took his scouse humour to Vietnam where he again found himself hitting the then very new open-mic scene before setting up his own night, progressing to opening for international acts including Jeff Innocent and Brendan Lovegrove, most notably at Hard Rock café, with a headline role at Punchline Comedy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Hearing about the burgeoning comedy scene in Shanghai, Chris decided to throw away his hard-earned comedic position in South East Asia and once again found himself at the bottom of the pile performing open mic in the back room of a pub before convincing Kung Fu Komedy that he could hack the big stage. Since then he has supported numerous international acts all over China and is a regular feature at Kung Fu Komedy events. He steals underpants in his spare time.

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