Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is a headliner at the Kung Fu Komedy club, and the host of our Sunday night open mic.
When he’s not on the Kung Fu Komedy stage, he can be seen on other stages, or writing the Inside Job column for Time Out Shanghai.

From Paul’s blog, The Good Greatsby:

When Paul Johnson was a kid he swore he would never sell out…but nobody ever asked him to. Not even once. Now he would give anything to have that chance – the chance to sell out.

Today he writes for the simple joy of creating something that will make people think… and hopefully those people will think about how much they like him and want to give him money.

And once those people have given him money he’ll use it to buy nice things that will impress his friends.

And if those friends aren’t impressed by his new wealth and fame, he hopes his elevated status will win him new friends who are smarter and more attractive than his old friends.