The PRC Cast

Meet the current cast of the People’s Republic of Comedy. From all around the world, this group shares the stage and delivers a night full of laughs, groans, and “what the hell just happened?”

Andrea Jones-Rooy

Andrea “2Fast2Furious” Jones-Rooy is from Frederick, MD, which is a town that you have to drive through if you want to get from Washington, DC, to anywhere else.  She has brown hair, blue eyes, and an insatiable thirst for Jim Beam.  Her favorite colors are mauve and dirty clear.  She has studied improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC under Kevin Hines, Michael Delaney, Will Hines, Ari Voukydis, Zach Woods, Lennon Parham, and Bobby Moynihan, where she and the famed group Daystallion changed dozens of lives forever.  Her hobbies include worrying about whether her produce is organic, reading about conjoined twins on the Internet, and failing to keep in touch with her friends and loved ones at home.  Andrea is currently a Post-doc at NYU Shanghai, and on the weekends can be found hanging from a trapeze while dressed insanely at Cirque le Soir Shanghai.  She is currently looking for more activities that end in the word “Shanghai”.  Shanghai.


Audrey Murray

Audrey was born and raised on the mean streets of suburban Boston, Massachusetts. As at a young age, she became a cub reporter for her hometown newspaper, writing such hard-hitting pieces as “Teens Search for Summer Jobs.” After a brief stint in Baltimore and an even briefer stint counting lightbulbs in Washington, DC, Audrey moved to Shanghai, where she quickly became the most frequent caller at the Shanghai Call Center (seriously–she was invited to their annual gala). She currently resides in Suzhou Creek with her llama and their three children.


Christopher Brantley

Fill in the blanks for the Madlib below:

1. adjective:__________________
2. animal (plural): __________________
3. geographical feature (plural): ________________
4. low paying job: _________________
5. verb (past participle): ________________
6. verb (past participle): ________________
7. movie star: __________________
8. predatory animal: ___________________
9. college student hobby (gerund):________________

Christopher grew up in Danville, Kentucky, surrounded by (1)__________  (2)__________ and bucolic (3)__________.  He arrived in China in 2001 as a (4)__________, and in the intervening years, has (5)__________ and (6)__________ his way around the country.

Commonly mistaken for the love child of (7)__________ and a (8)__________, Christopher first became interested in improv comedy while (9)__________.


Danny Kaplan

As a wee lad, D.R. Kaplan ate dirt, chased girls around the playground, wrote and directed a number of short plays and films for his preschool class, and played with blocks. Little has changed. Raised in the bountiful bosom of UCB, he spent his formative years in the creative clutches of “Destination Imagination.” Weaned of his native New York by the allures of Baltimore (where he was a member of college improv group The Buttered Niblets), he has since been Shanghaied into improving [in] Shanghai.


Joe Schaefer

Originally hailing from a small village in the great state of Ohio, Joe Schaefer found himself afflicted at an early age with an insatiable thirst for all things East Asia.  He made his way to Japan as soon as he was able, relishing in the heady soup of neon, manga, and intrusive tentacles.  It was true love, but the allure  of adventure proved too great, and soon Joe found himself in the Middle Kingdom – better known as China – the birthplace of kung fu, dragons, and General Tsou.  Joe can currently be found eeking out an existence on the mean streets of Shanghai as a freelance illustrator and voice talent.


John Everett

John is from Denver.  He has improvised since y2k.  He is everything that’s right in the world.  You probably remember him.  When you were child and asked your parents for a special birthday gift, it was he.  When you lost your tooth, and put it under your pillow, you would wake up and find him.  When you ran down the stairs to open your Christmas presents, he was wrapped inside.  It was hot and your parents forgot to put holes in the box – please talk to them about that.