Polymorph Self Joins KFK Podcast Family

KFK has teamed up with an eminent gamemaster to launch a comedic actual play Dungeons & Dragons podcast. We put out a casting call back in June, and we’ve been hard at work since then, putting together the first 15 episodes and now here they are:

In Polymorph Self four writers/comedians, led by Dungeon Master (DM) Andy Best, play the grand-daddy of role-playing games. No previous experience is needed to listen (although we recommend starting with episode 1). Each episode is a forty-five minutes romp through a land of non-ironic elfs, goblins, human hybrids and puns.

kalni-map-color-test-11-1024x744The fantasy game world entirely created by the DM, but the story and decisions are up to our crack team, so not even the DM knows what the hell is going to happen. Listen in and be full of wonder and belly laughs as our team sleuths and battles its way through their epic journey.

New episodes come out every Wednesday on our website, on iTunes, and anywhere else podcasts are available (use this this link to subscribe).

The podcast title, Polymorph Self, refers to a spell from an early version of Dungeons & Dragons that’s used to transform the spell caster into any physical shape they choose. It represents both sides of the podcast: hardcore knowledge and gameplay, fun, fantasy and laughs.

Credits and Contact info:
Produced by Kung Fu Komedy’s Andy Curtain and Zack Conquer
Showrunning, editing and mixing by Andy Best (writer, Parkour Girl and Yellow Fish Car, former music blogger at Kungfuology)

006 Diamonds (1)Cast:
Adam Skuse (writer, elf sorcerer, standup comic)
Colin Hanna (writer, half-elf rogue, standup comic)
Elaine Chow (writer, elf fighter, formerly Gawker Media and Gothamist)
Robyn Hughes (comic book expert, human barbarian, podcaster)