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Quote of the Day June 25, 2018

"I met my wife in Hong Kong. I said, what the bloody hell are you doing here?"

- Alexei Sayle

Ep 89: Andrea Razali was at The Trump/ Kim Summit in Singapore

Andrea Razali calls in from Singapore to tell out hosts…

Ep 88: Kevin Gootee – Severance Package in Europe

Comedian Kevin Gootee is the host of “Comics Watching…

Weird Chinese Products That We Can’t Figure Out

The guys get together and do a Laowai Review of some unusual…

Ep 87: Fakkah Fuzz – Singapore’s Netflix Comedy Star

Singaporean comedian Fakkah Fuzz joins Turner and Kap today…

Music Video: Taxi Driver

Mamahuhu’s first swing at a song, check it out!

Ep 86: Turner Judges the China International Comedy Festival

Turner Sparks calls Kaplan from Singapore to report back on…

China is beyond cashless

Matt and Alessio demonstrate how easy it is to go cashless…

The Easiest Way To Master Mandarin

With Mamahuhu’s new patented learning technologies,…

Ep 85: Alli Breen – Been Around The World

Comedian Alli Breen joins the guys to talk about her world…

Ep 84: Donnell Rawlings – Stationed in Korea

Donnell Rawlings aka Ashy Larry joins our hosts to talk…

A portal to Thailand

In Mamahuhu’s latest, Adam discovers a portal in his…

Ep 83: Wil Sylvince – Pakistan Comedy & Life Coaching Kaplan

Wil Sylvince joins the guys to talk about his recent trips…

Ep 82: Johnny Taylor & Anousha Hutton – The Comedian & The Medium

Johnny Taylor and Anousha Hutton on the surface are a wacky…

Kate Willett – Hipsters on the prairie

From the album “Glass Gutter” on Audible Comedy.

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