Mohammed Magdi

Mohammed hails from Egypt. He started doing comedy in 2013, in an attempt to prove that not all bearded Arab men are creepy. Since then he’s become a regular feature at KFK, opening for international touring acts and as a headliner here at the club.

He’s currently NOT an English teacher in China (even though he started as one, obviously).

Mohammed has been featured on Season 2 of Comedy Central Arabia stand-up show Comedy Central Presents: Stand-up. He is the winner of the Bangkok International Comedy Festival 2017 and finished as the first runner up at the China International Comedy Festival 2016.

Mohammed has a lot of hobbies, such as: quitting jobs, growing his beard and eating things on skewers. He hates babies, Barcelona FC and Sichuan hot pot (in that order).

In his free time, he watches Game of Thrones marathons and smokes shisha. Mohammed currently lives in Shanghai with his shisha.