Ep 26: I’m Wearing a Rat Suit

In which our heroes enter the monolith and feel really, really ill …

Last episode our heroes continued to fight the wolves in the snow filled valley beneath the monolith. Onas used shocking grasp to slay a wolf but the charge was so powerful that the wolf became wolf soup and drenched his clothing. The fight attracted the anti-theophanite camp and a race to reach the stone steps began. A showdown took place and two evil clerics were overcome, except that Bjorn was put under a fear spell and ran away up the steps … where he met the mysterious Gop.

Bjorn Djirkfjall – half-elf rogue, level 4
Seyda Neen – human barbarian, level 4
Hjani – elf fighter, level 4
Onas Onidiri – elf sorcerer, level 4

The adventure takes place in the elven kingdom of Kikathra, in the world of Kalni. For full game world information, art and character sheets check out the about pages on the site and watch the blog for extras. Feel free to mail us via the contact form or tweet at us with any questions or comments you have. If you liked the show, please share it, one repost, tweet or share goes a long way. Thanks.