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Quote of the Day August 20, 2018

"I said to my girlfriend on Saturday: ‘How would you like to go shopping with the girls, get some new shoes, get your hair done in a different style and then go out for a couple of bottles of Chardonnay? She said, ‘That sounds brilliant.’ I said, ‘Good – because we’re breaking up.’"

- Jimmy Carr

Mamahuhu: Never Wear A Green Hat in China

Unless you’re being cheated on…

Ron Josol: A Filipino in Canada

Ron’s about the only Asian comedian in all of Canada…

Ep 95: Audrey Murray

Author Audrey Murray joins the guys to talk about her new…

Ep 94: Wary Nichen

Algerian born French comedian Wary Nichen joins the guys…

Mamahuhu: The Facekini

Fighting The Sun with The Full-Body FACEKINI.

Ep 93: Live Pod From Stand Up NY

Our hosts are live from Stand Up NY Comedy Club in Manhattan…

Is The BIGGEST STARBUCKS in The World Any Good?

Matt and Alessio find out how the beer is at the…

Ep 92: Roddy MacInnes – A Scottish Comedian in New York

Scottish Comedian Roddy MacInnes joins the guys to talk to…

Matt Davis: Redneck Pride

How did they take an insult and make it into a badge of…

Ep 91: Peter Wong – Being a DACA DREAMer

Comedian Peter Wong came to the United States illegally as a…

Mamahuhu: STARE

What’s really going on when someone locks eyes with…

New Superfood Trend from China

Hot water, it’s good for healthy!

Ep 90: Amy Hawthorne – Life in Budapest

Amy Hawthorne  spent her life in the early 2000’s…

Ep 89: Andrea Razali was at The Trump/ Kim Summit

Andrea Razali calls in from Singapore to tell out hosts…

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