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Quote of the Day September 22, 2018

"My girlfriend said, ‘You act like a detective too much. I want to split up.’ ‘Good idea’, I replied. ‘We can cover more ground that way.’"

- Laban Ditchburn

Ep 102: Ari Shaffir & The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Ari Shaffir joins our hosts to answer every question they…

Ep 97: HK Super Typhoon & Diplomatic Rows

Stuck in the Middle is back! Things have changed a little…

Ep 101: Kap Explains Rosh Hashanah

Kaplan tells Turner all of the stories and traditions of…

Street Cats of Shanghai

Norah’s got a cat problem, a bad cat problem.

Ep 100: Kap, Turner & an All-Star List of Pod Guests

Our hosts celebrate episode 100 by welcoming back former pod…

Dean Edwards: Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Dean met Beyoncé and Jay-Z while he was working on Saturday…

Ep 99: Sandra Harwitt – Tennis Journalism & Serena Williams

Journalist Sandra Harwitt joins the guys to talk about her…

Ep 98: Turner & Kap – Kids Comedy Show Heckler

The guys get back to their roots this week with a two-man…

Ep 97: Ben Fox Rubin

CNET Senior Reporter Ben Rubin joins the guys today to talk…

Mamahuhu: Never Wear A Green Hat in China

Unless you’re being cheated on…

Ron Josol: A Filipino in Canada

Ron’s about the only Asian comedian in all of Canada…

Ep 95: Audrey Murray

Author Audrey Murray joins the guys to talk about her new…

Mamahuhu: The Facekini

Fighting The Sun with The Full-Body FACEKINI.

Is The BIGGEST STARBUCKS in The World Any Good?

Matt and Alessio find out how the beer is at the…

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