Ep 7: Don’t F*** With Us Dennis

In which the horses remain unmolested and Dennis gets a talking to …

Last episode the party explored the partially flooded lower chambers of the crypt complex. They found no grain. Seyda went for a swim in some suspiciously dirty water and Onas used his magic to explode a zombie. The heroes found their first real treasure and also discovered another body. It became clear that there were no raiders and no stolen grain. But first, there was one more room to check out.

Bjorn Djirkfjall – half-elf rogue, level 2

Seyda Neen – human barbarian, level 2

Hjani – elf fighter, level 2

Onas Onidiri – elf sorcerer, level 2

The adventure takes place in Kikathra, an elven kingdom in the world of Kalni. For full details on the game world, house rules and character information please check the site’s about pages and read the blog for extras. Feel free to mail us via the contact form or to Tweet at us with any questions or comments you might have. If you enjoy the show please share it and post it about, thanks.