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Special Baijiu Debates

DATE: Friday, May 15

TIME: 8:30PM

At: The Camel (Suzhou)
B1, 188 Xinghai Jie, S.I.P.

Reserve Seats

Hosted By: Turner Sparks

Featuring: Kaylen Moore and Mohammed Magdi

Turner Sparks

Internationally touring comedian Turner Sparks (Best of the Fest: Akumal -Mexico Comedy Festival) and Suzhou’s favorite laoban, Miracle bring the debut of their new live, drunken comedy debate show “Baijiu Debates” to The Camel on Friday, May 15 (8:30pm)

Suzhou and Shanghai’s favorite comedians drink baijiu and debate the tough topics (in English and Chinese) like “split pants or diapers” all while being judged and awarded points by the audience and Miracle Laoban.

Comedians/Debaters for this show are Kaylen Moore, Mikey Renne and Mohammed Magdi.

Check out host Turner Sparks in action: